Thursday, September 22, 2011


Choosing an amazing wedding photographer is crucial. Wedding photos are the only things that you will always have to look back on. This is the one area of the budget in which I recommend all people to splurge. Yes, you can have your family take the pictures, but you won’t capture all the special moments that most people miss. When choosing a photographer, this is what you should look for in their portfolio.

The Posed Photos
First make sure that these are real couples and not models. Once you’ve established that they are real wedding photos, look to make sure that they don’t look forced. A great photographer can put two people into the perfect pose without them looking/feeling uncomfortable. The posed photos should look natural.

Behind the Scene Photos
The lead up to the wedding is the perfect time to get photos. Look for pictures of the bride and groom getting ready. This includes makeup, putting on the dress, fixing ties, pep talks, etc. These are the most artsy photos since the photographer has time to set up the photo before capturing the perfect moment

Venue Photos
This is where your relative with pocket cameras will let you down. Most people forget about the table settings and floral arrangements, but these are the items you have spent months and lots of money planning. The photographer’s pictures should look like they belong in a home decorating magazine like Home and Country.

Pictures of the Ceremony
This is the most crucial. Many photographers can take beautiful photos when given time and the chance to put things into perfect place. Few photographers can capture a moment without having fused with the scene. A beautiful photo of the groom kissing the bride is the key to a great photographer!

Candid Shots
The candid pictures are always my personal favorite. First of all, they are a surprise when you see them. Second of all, they are completely sincere. A picture of you looking deeply into each others eyes or sharing a laugh when you thought no one was looking will always end up being your favorite photo of all.