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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wedding Photography- Rings

Don't forget the rings! Make sure to take some pictures of your rings on your wedding day. Below are some cute and original ideas for how to photograph the item that binds you together for life.

Take a simple elegant photo with a white background and a few flowers in the background.

Use your favorite love story, the bible, or even your wedding program to create a heart with your ring.

Put the rings on your wedding program, invitation, etc.

Use a calendar with your wedding date. You can even use the rings to circle the number of the day.

Put them on the dress or veil which can be lovely if you have lace.

Use a reflective surface for a simple elegant effect.

Put the ring in your bouquet and inside one of the flowers. This is beautiful and romantic.

Use a theme item to pull the look together. If you are having a beach wedding then use a sea shell.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Wedding Photography- The Bouquet

Remember to take photos of every aspect of the wedding. The bouquet is a tradition, it shows your color scheme, and makes a beautiful photo. Here are some ways to have your bouquet photographed.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Wedding Photography- Bride & Groom

Here are a few ideas for pictures to take with your future hubby or wifey!

The cutting of the cake.

A picture of your feet because let's face it, most people won't get to see the awesome shoes you are wearing under alllll that tulle.

A photo of the first dance. Make sure your photographer can capture candid moments and not just posed pictures.

The first kiss because you know this will hang on your mantle for the rest of your lives.

Your grand entrance as Mr. and Mrs.

A picture of the happy couple up close and personal.

The ring exchange. Make sure your photographer can get close up photos without ruining the ceremony to jump in.

The toast!

Friday, May 31, 2013

Wedding Photography- The Bride

What are the must have photos for the bride? Here's a list of all the great memories you will want to hold onto! Show your photographer your list or create a Pinterest board with inspirational photos!

A full length shot of your dress! Make sure you get the front and back because it's the only day you will be wearing the masterpiece that you have spent so much time searching for.

A pre wedding shot with your bouquet. This should be more of a beauty shot so you always remember how perfect you looked.

The bouquet toss! Don't forget to get the candid pictures from the reception. The posed pictures are nice but the memories are in the candids!

The first time you go to see the groom (if you decide to see each other before the ceremony).

A shot with the flower girl.

A picture of just you. Everyone will take photos with you all night. Take a moment and get a shot for yourself.

Getting will never forget the butterflies that were in your tummy and how excited you were for the big day!

Someone lacing or buttoning the dress. This is a great shot to put in a closet, bathroom, or powder room once you get a house.

Get a quick shot of your hair for the memory book.

If you have a veil make sure to take some fun photos with it. The veil can be styled hundreds of ways and creates beautiful photos. Also get a beauty shot of your makeup!

The bride and the maid of honor. Think of all the time and effort she put in to help make the day a success! Consider framing the photo as a thank you present after the wedding. She'll cherish it forever.

Looking out the window. The lighting always makes for a pretty picture.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Outdoor Wedding Aisle

How do you create the perfect aisle when you are having an outdoor's not as hard as it looks. Here are some beautiful examples of how to make your aisle amazing!

Adding chair covers and beautiful floral pieces makes the outdoor aisle look more formal!

Getting married under a gazebo creates an alter and beautiful setting for "I Do's"

Line the aisle with large over the top floral arrangements for a simple yet elegant aisle.

Decorating a gazebo with flowers, leaves, and fabric makes the center of the ceremony really stand out.

Use flower petals on the floor to create an all natural runner that looks whimsical.

Creating archways out of plants, flowers, balloons, etc make the aisle really pop. And what a photo opportunity!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Wedding Photography- The Groom

Here are a few photographs that you want to capture of the groom...

...the boutonniere  

...the first time he sees the bride

...removing the garter and the toss

...getting ready

...a shot with the groomsmen which doesn't have to be traditional

...with the ring bearer

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wedding Dress Silhouettes

Here are the things every bride should know about wedding dress silhouettes. A silhouette should work with your body type, personal style, and wedding. Most important is how the shape works with your body type. You obviously want something flattering. Next, you want something that works with your personal style. This would be the type of dress you dream about or see in magazines and say "I want that." Lastly, make sure it works with your wedding. If you have a small private wedding on a beach, you shouldn't have a silk princess ball gown the size of the wedding party. Below are some guidelines...

  • Best Body Type- This works well with most body types. The A-line makes round bodies appear slimmer and short bodies appear taller. The lines of the skirt hide the lower body of those with hips and can add the illusion of curves to those with less shape.
  • Personal Style- traditional, elegant, refined, girlie
  • Wedding Setting- The A-line is what I like to call the traditional gown and therefore is perfect for traditional weddings! Whatever your religion, this A shaped flare is sure to be perfect. It's not too over the top and not too casual. Therefore, it works perfect for a medium sized wedding.

Ball Gown
  • Best Body Type- Great for brides who are a little bustier. This shape draws the attention down and balances the proportions. Perfect for the inverted triangle body type.
  • Personal Style- over the top, girlie, bold, romantic
  • Wedding Setting- This silhouette works best for over the top weddings. Usually over 200 guests, in a large ball room, with large floral arrangements. If the dress is this big, the party better be just as grand.

Princess Length
  • Best Body Type- This length can work well on petites, slim figures, and tall women alike. Plus sized brides should avoid the princess length unless they are taller than 5'9 or it may make them appear heavier.
  • Personal Style- retro, sweet, girlie, vintage 
  • Wedding Setting- This silhouette is all about the length. Since it is not too short it is still completely wearable for all occasions. The volume makes it appropriate for weddings in places of worship and the length could even make it casual enough for a backyard. It's all how you accessorize it!

Empire Waist
  • Best Body Type- This under the bust waistline is perfect for hiding hips, stomachs, or thighs while drawing attention to the bust. It also lengthens the body and would work well on petite brides. Great for pear shapes.
  • Personal Style- sophisticated, bohemian, romantic, chic
  • Wedding Setting- Empire waist dresses are very sweet. The fit is perfect for just about every setting. Works well for beach, church, and backyard weddings. It can be worn anywhere. And this silhouette can actually be shortened and worn again.

  • Best Body Type- This silhouette works best for those with curves. It accentuates well proportioned women by showing off what they've got.
  • Personal Style- bold, girlie, romantic, dreamy
  • Wedding Setting- Mermaid dresses work in almost all settings. They don't work for small informal or more casual weddings. Because of the elegant shape, it works best for weddings with 75 guests or more that take place in beautiful settings such as places of worship, parks, and event spaces.

  • Best Body Type- The cocktail length works for everyone! Follow the guidelines from the other silhouettes as far as what works best for sheath, ball gowns, A-lines, etc. to choose which cocktail dress suits you.
  • Personal Style- edgy, trend setter, adventurous, modern
  • Wedding Setting- This short cropped dress is perfect for more casual weddings, spur of the moment weddings, and weddings that are a little more trendy than most. This also makes a great reception dress for a larger wedding.

  • Best Body Type- Great for narrow frames. This dress falls straight down and works well with slimmer bodies. The long lines are also beneficial for petite women since it elongates the lines of the body.
  • Personal Style- simple, chic, timeless, sophisticated
  • Wedding Setting- This silhouette works best for elegant weddings and beach weddings. The soft drape is simple and gorgeous but not overwhelming. The wedding should not be more overwhelming than the dress.