Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Picking a color scheme is one of the most important steps in wedding planning. Floral arrangements, bridesmaid dresses, table settings, and invitations all rely on the color scheme. There are several ways to pick a fabulous color scheme, but make sure you choose two to three colors. One color can fall flat or look one-dimensional. More than three colors looks too busy.

Complimentary Colors
Complimentary colors can be found next to each other in the rainbow. Choosing two colors like blue and purple can make a beautiful combination. Take it a step further by making one light and one dark. i.e. plum and light pink, navy and lime green, red and light yellow.

Contrasting Colors
Contrasting colors are a great way to make your wedding pop. These colors come from opposite ends of the color wheel and clash with each other in a beautiful way.

Using a theme to create your color scheme is easy. If your theme is "The Beach" then use colors you would see at the beach such as beige and blue. If your theme is "Hollywood Glamour" use red, black, and white.

You can choose your color scheme based on the season you are getting married. In the fall go with warm colors that remind you of leaves changing.

For a winter wedding use the colors of snow. Blue and white make a stunning wedding combination that is soft and sweet.

For those getting married in the spring, don't be afraid to use bright colors that represent blooming flowers. Choose one bright color and accompany it with the green of leaves to make it stand out.

Turn up the heat with some vibrant colors. If your wedding is indoors, bring those bright colors inside. If your wedding is outdoors, why not compliment the bright sunny surroundings?

Signature Color
My sister's favorite color is purple. When she was little everything in her room from floor to ceiling was a shade of purple. If you have a signature color, now is the time to embrace it. Add a neutral color along side your favorite color so that it's not too overwhelming.

For those who just want to feel luxurious for a day, choose rich golds and silvers. This creates an expensive look. Make sure to choose subtle colors for the flowers.

Favorite Flower
Sometimes the easiest way to choose your colors is by thinking of what flowers you want to hold in your bouquet. If you like red roses than one of your colors should be red. If you like daisies and lilies then yellow and white are a lovely combination.

Setting the Mood
If you want to get across a feeling, choose colors that associate with that emotion. Common associations include yellow=happy, blue=calm, pink=love, purple=expensive. Choosing a soft palate makes the mood seem calmer and a bright palate makes it more energetic.

Inspired by Objects
If all else fails, think of an item that you are attracted to. It can be a vase in the corner of your room, a tree outside your house, or even a comforter on your bed. Often people decorate their houses with color schemes they already like even if they don't know it. Above is an example inspired by potted plants.