Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Once you have picked a theme or color story it is time to decide what the final product is going to look like. Table settings have to be fluid and well thought out. You shouldn't buy anything until you have a final idea of what you want the table to look like. Below are different examples of table settings based on color, theme, and details.

Paper lamps can set the mood when placed correctly. They add hints of light without being overpowering.

Small tea candles surrounding flowers at night gives the room an alluring ambiance.

Long branches in tall vases and short flowers can create a dramatic effect.

When picking colors make sure to two to three colors. In this case tan, green, and brown. Too many colors can be overwhelming and too few can be boring.

Using a variety of different flowers adds texture to a table setting.

Using clear plates, vases, and glasses creates a soft look that feels effortless when you look at it.

Loose petals add romance to the table. Mix in some candles to add the the romantic ambiance.

Adding fresh fruit to the table gives it an organic, fresh, spring feeling.

Having a charger is ideal. It gives the illusion of a plate without your wait staff having to pick it up. Simple and elegant chargers create a beautiful look without making the table too busy.

Table settings don't have to be over the top. This table looks fabulous without being too busy. If you have a beautiful venue then don't fight with it. I recommend simple plates, solid colors, and a modest centerpiece that allows you to appreciate the location and venue.