Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Every girl wants the perfect pair of shoes, but not everyone can afford Manolo's or Louboutin's. Shoe clips are great way to get expensive looking shoes for a small cost. Shoe clips can be worn anywhere on the shoe and can be removed and put onto another pair of shoes easily. These are great for brides and bridesmaids. They also make a great gift for the bridesmaids.

Sunday, February 26, 2012


1. Bring your Legal Documents
Signing the marriage certificate is what finalizes everything. Don't forget to bring it with you. That is the whole reason for the wedding and party. Most people are so excited for the ceremony that they forget the paperwork that goes with it.

2. Making Wedding Night Plans
It's very unlikely that you are flying out for your honeymoon the night of your wedding. Make sure to book a hotel room near the venue for you to go back to. 

3. Pack an Overnight Bag
Remember that you won't be sleeping in your dress although you probably never want to take it off. Make sure to pack an overnight bag including lingerie, clothes for the next day, toiletries, etc. Have a bridesmaid or close friend drop the bag off at your hotel room before the ceremony so that you don't have to tote it around with you.

4. Taking Things Home After the Reception
You'll probably received a ton of gifts, but it's your big night. Who wants to carry everything home on the night of their wedding? Make sure to designate a few trusty people to gather up everything after you leave including gifts, the cake topper, guest book, any decorations that should be kept, leftover food and drinks, etc. It's helpful to give your friends a list so they don't forget anything.

5. Buying Gifts for Others
Make sure to buy gifts for everyone involved in the wedding. Most brides buy gifts for the bridesmaids. Grooms buy gifts for the groomsmen. Together you should buy gifts for everyone else involved including parents. It's also nice to buy each other a small gift.

6. Deciding Where Things Go
You've probably spent hours on a seating chart, but where is everything else going. Make sure to have places for things like the guest book, place cards, escorts, menus, programs, etc.

7. Decorating Everywhere
We all know that each bride thinks about every detail of the reception area, but what about areas like the bar? You've spent so much time focusing on the main room. Make sure not to forget about the areas around the reception hall. Add small decorations to the bar, bathroom, entrance, etc.

8. Choosing How to Receive Gifts
I recommend a gift table. It is easy to find, looks pretty, and no gifts end up out of place. You can also have a bag that matches the decorations. Have a bridesmaid or groomsmen stand by your side holding the bag at the beginning and end of the evening. Have a friend go around with you when you visit each table as well.

9. Day After Plans
If you are leaving straight for your honeymoon, then make sure you have you luggage with you and your passport if you need it. Also arrange for car service to pick you up. If you are heading home make sure you have a way to get there. If a limo is taking you to the wedding and hotel then ask the hotel if you can park your car there the day before. Otherwise you are stranded at the hotel.

10. Confirming All Plans
A week before the wedding make sure you confirm with every single vendor, location, rental, transportation, etc. Many places will call you first so make sure you have an itinerary so that you can confirm all times, dates, and locations. Make sure to send a day itinerary to all of the wedding party including the times for getting ready and photography. If anyone in the party is known for being late, make their itinerary a half hour early.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bridesmaids Gifts

Bridesmaids gifts are a big deal. Your bridesmaids have taken time to help you with wedding planning, spent money on a dress they will never wear again, and have put up with any bridezilla moments you have had along the way. On the day of the wedding, it is customary to say thank you by giving a gift. Sometime they are jewelry, picture frames, or gift bags. I thought this was a clever and unique idea for a bridesmaids gift...

Give each bridesmaid a clutch handbag. What makes it special is the inscription on the inside which you can have done at any screen printing/ embroidery shop. It could say something like "Thank you for standing by my side on my wedding day."

You can choose a handbag that can be used on the day of the wedding or one that you thought they would really like for every day use. This is a great gift for any price point because you can find clutches from $10 to $1,000. They come in all different shapes, sizes, and styles so there is one out there for everyone.

Monday, February 20, 2012


Here is a list of the best places to get married if...

...You Love Music
New Orleans

...You're a Wine Connoisseur
Nappa Valley

...You Want a Quickie Wedding
Las Vegas

...You're a Beach Bum
Florida Keys

...You're a City Dweller
New York City

...You Love Art
Art Institute of Chicago

...You're a Nature Lover
Grand Canyon

...You Love the Summer

...You Love the Winter

...You Love to Read
New York Public Library

...You're a Movie Buff
Paramount Studios

...You're a Child at Heart
Disney World

...You Love History

...You're a Romantic

Monday, February 13, 2012


Here is a list of items to add to your gift registry. It’s best to prepare a list before leaving so that you don’t accidentally end up with fifty forks and no spoons.

2 Bathrobes
1 Bath mate
4 to 6 Bath towels
4 to 6 Hand towels
4 to 6 Washcloths
1 Shower curtain and liner
1 Set of shower curtain rings
1 Soap dish
1 Toothbrush holder
1 Hamper
1 Wastebasket

1 Bed skirt
2 Cotton or wool blankets
1 Duvet cover
1 Mattress and bedspring set
1 Mattress pad
2 to 4 Pillows
2 sets of 2 to 4 Pillowcases
2 to 4 Sets of pillow shams
2 Sets of fitted sheets
2 Sets of flat sheets
1 Summer duvet
1 Winter duvet or comforter
2 Sets Flannel sheets
*If you have a guest room you can double the quantities

Dining Room
1 Large salad bowl and serving utensils
8 Cups and saucers
8 Drinking glasses
8 Mugs
8 Wineglasses
8 Cloth napkins
8 Napkin rings
8 Place mats
8 Place settings (formal, casual, or both), including bowls, bread-and-butter plates, dinner plates, and salad/dessert plates
2 to 4 Serving platters or trays
1 Set of salt and pepper shakers
1 Set of covered dishes or bowls
1 Set of serving dishes or bowls
1 Set of serving utensils
8 Sets of silverware including forks, main-course knives, and spoons
8 Steak knives
1 Teapot
2 Tablecloths
2 to 6 Candlesticks

2 Baking sheets
1 Blender
1 Coffeemaker
1 Cutting board
1 Dutch oven
1 Food processor
1 Knife set (including serrated knife, chef’s knife, and paring knife)
1 Saltshaker and 1 Pepper grinder
2 Oven mitts
1 Teakettle
2 Round cake pans
1 Round pie pan
2 Multipurpose pots
1 2-quart saucepan
2 10- to 12-inch skillets
1 6-quart stockpot
1 Set measuring cups
1 Set measuring spoons
1 Set measuring bowls
2 Serving spoons
1 Standing mixer
1 Toaster or toaster oven
1 Whisk
2 Wooden spoons
1 Ice cream maker
1 Chip-and-dip tray

Living Room
1 Couch or love seat
2 to 4 Decorative bowls
2 to 4 Vases
4 to 10 Picture frames
1 Throw or blanket for the couch
4 Throw pillows

Picnic basket and blanket
Insulated wine carrier
Outdoor table and chairs
Patio umbrella
Grill and grilling tools
Plastic barware (pitcher, tumblers, margarita glasses)
Beach towels and chairs
Rolling cooler
Leaf blower 

2 Small duffel bags
2 Large duffel bags
2 22-inch wheeled upright suitcases
2 26-inch wheeled upright suitcases
2 50-inch wheeled garment bags
1 Set fireplace tools
Board games (for nights by the fire)
1 Vacuum cleaner
Gardening tools
1 Umbrella stand

Christmas ornaments/tree skirt
Holiday dishes and linens

Saturday, February 11, 2012


Choosing a bouquet can be a lot of fun. Start by choosing the color or theme of the wedding. Then pick corresponding flowers and a shape. Florists have tons of options to choose from and can show you books of past arrangements they have done.

Think outside of the box. You can have a cascading effect for an original bouquet.

Use several different flowers and sizes to create a luscious and full bouquet.

Add sprigs of green so that your bouquet doesn't fall flat or blend in with your dress too much.

Use one kind of flower for a simple bouquet.

Use complimentary colors to make a gorgeous bouquet. Complimentary colors can be found next to each other on the color wheel.

Making a monochromatic bouquet creates subtle beauty. Use all different shades of one color for an elegant look.

Mix textures to make a pleasing look for the eyes. Use a variety of flowers, shapes, and colors to amp up your bouquet.

Written by Michelle Della Giovanna, Creative Director of Della Giovanna Bridal

Friday, February 10, 2012

Flower Girls

Choosing flower girl dresses can be harder than it seems. Many times, brides choose dresses too similar to the bridesmaids dresses, and the dress ends up looking inappropriate for a child. Here are some really cute flower girl dresses that are age appropriate.

Choose a dress with a high neckline or thick straps. Strapless dresses and thin strap dresses are too mature for the flower girl (unless of course she is older).

A-line dresses are classic and look perfect for a young flower girl. Plus she gets to feel like a princess in her miniature gown. If it is a casual wedding shorten the length for a less formal look.

Ribbons, bows, and flower details are perfect for the flower girl. I would stay away from anything too flashy like sequins or rhinestones. A flower girl should look cute and sweet.

When accessorizing make sure to choose a comfortable and appropriate shoe such as the one seen here. A flat sandal or bootie is perfect. Headbands also look adorable as headpieces.

For summer or spring weddings you can opt for a shorter length. Make sure the length still falls below the knee.

Make sure to keep the hair and makeup age appropriate. If you choose to use makeup, only use foundation to even the skin, light blush, and a natural lip gloss. This will give her a picture perfect look without really seeing any makeup. Do not use eyeshadow, lipstick, eyeliner, or mascara.