Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wedding Photography- Rings

Don't forget the rings! Make sure to take some pictures of your rings on your wedding day. Below are some cute and original ideas for how to photograph the item that binds you together for life.

Take a simple elegant photo with a white background and a few flowers in the background.

Use your favorite love story, the bible, or even your wedding program to create a heart with your ring.

Put the rings on your wedding program, invitation, etc.

Use a calendar with your wedding date. You can even use the rings to circle the number of the day.

Put them on the dress or veil which can be lovely if you have lace.

Use a reflective surface for a simple elegant effect.

Put the ring in your bouquet and inside one of the flowers. This is beautiful and romantic.

Use a theme item to pull the look together. If you are having a beach wedding then use a sea shell.