Friday, September 23, 2011


In this economy, everyone is looking for a bargain, but no one wants to look like a bargain hunter on his or her big day. Here are some beautiful examples of DIY centerpieces that are easy to make, and cheaper than buying from a florist.

Bigger Isn’t Better
The purpose of the centerpiece is to set the mood. This does not mean that you need an insanely over the top centerpiece. Candles are a great way to set the mood without having to buy expensive flowers. Putting floating candles into a glass vase.

Light as a Feather
If you want something fun and different, making your own feather centerpiece is for you. Feathers can fill out a vase. They can be used alongside flowers or you can use large ostrich feathers in a vase by themselves.

Green Movement
For the environmentally conscious, reusing wine bottles can make a fantastic centerpiece. Save up all your bottles for the year and you will barely pay for anything. Compliment them with candles or flowers.

Floral Arrangements
Floral arrangements can get extremely expensive. Buying large long stemmed flowers can be a simple and elegant way to put together your own floral arrangements. For those who are not very crafty you can buy tall skinny vases and simply load them up with flowers.

Over the Top
Buying a tall glass vase and filling it with decorative fillers can be a fast, elegant, and easy way to make your centerpieces. Top it with some beautiful hydrangea flowers for a pretty effect.