Friday, September 30, 2011


Some of you may already know that Vera Wang has created a line for David's Bridal. The dresses are gorgeous and priced below $1,200 for the budget conscious bride. Vera Wang also has a small line of bridesmaid dresses and accessories.

In addition to being sold at David's Bridal, for this weekend only, it is being sold out of a roaming truck throughout Manhattan. That's right ladies, you can now buy your dress on the go! The truck will be in populated areas like Times Square, Bryant Park, and Union Square until October 1st.

Those who see the truck on the street are encouraged to take a photo and tweet the picture to @davidsbridal with the tag #WVWinyourcity for the chance to win a $200 David's Bridal gift certificate!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Everyone wants their wedding to be "The Best," "The Most Beautiful," "The Coolest," and "The Most Original!" Some really unique things to have at a wedding include...

Chocolate Fondue Fountains
Providing a chocolate fountain can be a fun dessert option. Make sure to provide already diced up fruit and marshmallows plus a handful of skewers.

Ice Sculpture
Ice sculptures make great decorations. Be careful to make sure the room is cool enough and that there is a way for them to drain.

Cigar Bar
A hand rolled cigar bar provides a nice place for the men to gather while all the girls take photos with the bride.

Unique Guest Books
Guest books can be boring and a waste of memories. These guest books are fun and creative. They ask each person how they met the couple, where they traveled from, and ask that they draw a photo of the happy couple. It's good for a laugh and gives the bride and groom something fun to look back on.

Wedding Photo Booth
Renting a photo booth is an awesome way for your friends to have fun at your wedding. Leave a pair of scissors and a comment box on the table next to it. Each group can cut off one photo and slip it into the box. After the wedding you can go through the box and see all the fun photos.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Once you have picked a theme or color story it is time to decide what the final product is going to look like. Table settings have to be fluid and well thought out. You shouldn't buy anything until you have a final idea of what you want the table to look like. Below are different examples of table settings based on color, theme, and details.

Paper lamps can set the mood when placed correctly. They add hints of light without being overpowering.

Small tea candles surrounding flowers at night gives the room an alluring ambiance.

Long branches in tall vases and short flowers can create a dramatic effect.

When picking colors make sure to two to three colors. In this case tan, green, and brown. Too many colors can be overwhelming and too few can be boring.

Using a variety of different flowers adds texture to a table setting.

Using clear plates, vases, and glasses creates a soft look that feels effortless when you look at it.

Loose petals add romance to the table. Mix in some candles to add the the romantic ambiance.

Adding fresh fruit to the table gives it an organic, fresh, spring feeling.

Having a charger is ideal. It gives the illusion of a plate without your wait staff having to pick it up. Simple and elegant chargers create a beautiful look without making the table too busy.

Table settings don't have to be over the top. This table looks fabulous without being too busy. If you have a beautiful venue then don't fight with it. I recommend simple plates, solid colors, and a modest centerpiece that allows you to appreciate the location and venue.

Friday, September 23, 2011


In this economy, everyone is looking for a bargain, but no one wants to look like a bargain hunter on his or her big day. Here are some beautiful examples of DIY centerpieces that are easy to make, and cheaper than buying from a florist.

Bigger Isn’t Better
The purpose of the centerpiece is to set the mood. This does not mean that you need an insanely over the top centerpiece. Candles are a great way to set the mood without having to buy expensive flowers. Putting floating candles into a glass vase.

Light as a Feather
If you want something fun and different, making your own feather centerpiece is for you. Feathers can fill out a vase. They can be used alongside flowers or you can use large ostrich feathers in a vase by themselves.

Green Movement
For the environmentally conscious, reusing wine bottles can make a fantastic centerpiece. Save up all your bottles for the year and you will barely pay for anything. Compliment them with candles or flowers.

Floral Arrangements
Floral arrangements can get extremely expensive. Buying large long stemmed flowers can be a simple and elegant way to put together your own floral arrangements. For those who are not very crafty you can buy tall skinny vases and simply load them up with flowers.

Over the Top
Buying a tall glass vase and filling it with decorative fillers can be a fast, elegant, and easy way to make your centerpieces. Top it with some beautiful hydrangea flowers for a pretty effect.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Choosing an amazing wedding photographer is crucial. Wedding photos are the only things that you will always have to look back on. This is the one area of the budget in which I recommend all people to splurge. Yes, you can have your family take the pictures, but you won’t capture all the special moments that most people miss. When choosing a photographer, this is what you should look for in their portfolio.

The Posed Photos
First make sure that these are real couples and not models. Once you’ve established that they are real wedding photos, look to make sure that they don’t look forced. A great photographer can put two people into the perfect pose without them looking/feeling uncomfortable. The posed photos should look natural.

Behind the Scene Photos
The lead up to the wedding is the perfect time to get photos. Look for pictures of the bride and groom getting ready. This includes makeup, putting on the dress, fixing ties, pep talks, etc. These are the most artsy photos since the photographer has time to set up the photo before capturing the perfect moment

Venue Photos
This is where your relative with pocket cameras will let you down. Most people forget about the table settings and floral arrangements, but these are the items you have spent months and lots of money planning. The photographer’s pictures should look like they belong in a home decorating magazine like Home and Country.

Pictures of the Ceremony
This is the most crucial. Many photographers can take beautiful photos when given time and the chance to put things into perfect place. Few photographers can capture a moment without having fused with the scene. A beautiful photo of the groom kissing the bride is the key to a great photographer!

Candid Shots
The candid pictures are always my personal favorite. First of all, they are a surprise when you see them. Second of all, they are completely sincere. A picture of you looking deeply into each others eyes or sharing a laugh when you thought no one was looking will always end up being your favorite photo of all.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Picking a color scheme is one of the most important steps in wedding planning. Floral arrangements, bridesmaid dresses, table settings, and invitations all rely on the color scheme. There are several ways to pick a fabulous color scheme, but make sure you choose two to three colors. One color can fall flat or look one-dimensional. More than three colors looks too busy.

Complimentary Colors
Complimentary colors can be found next to each other in the rainbow. Choosing two colors like blue and purple can make a beautiful combination. Take it a step further by making one light and one dark. i.e. plum and light pink, navy and lime green, red and light yellow.

Contrasting Colors
Contrasting colors are a great way to make your wedding pop. These colors come from opposite ends of the color wheel and clash with each other in a beautiful way.

Using a theme to create your color scheme is easy. If your theme is "The Beach" then use colors you would see at the beach such as beige and blue. If your theme is "Hollywood Glamour" use red, black, and white.

You can choose your color scheme based on the season you are getting married. In the fall go with warm colors that remind you of leaves changing.

For a winter wedding use the colors of snow. Blue and white make a stunning wedding combination that is soft and sweet.

For those getting married in the spring, don't be afraid to use bright colors that represent blooming flowers. Choose one bright color and accompany it with the green of leaves to make it stand out.

Turn up the heat with some vibrant colors. If your wedding is indoors, bring those bright colors inside. If your wedding is outdoors, why not compliment the bright sunny surroundings?

Signature Color
My sister's favorite color is purple. When she was little everything in her room from floor to ceiling was a shade of purple. If you have a signature color, now is the time to embrace it. Add a neutral color along side your favorite color so that it's not too overwhelming.

For those who just want to feel luxurious for a day, choose rich golds and silvers. This creates an expensive look. Make sure to choose subtle colors for the flowers.

Favorite Flower
Sometimes the easiest way to choose your colors is by thinking of what flowers you want to hold in your bouquet. If you like red roses than one of your colors should be red. If you like daisies and lilies then yellow and white are a lovely combination.

Setting the Mood
If you want to get across a feeling, choose colors that associate with that emotion. Common associations include yellow=happy, blue=calm, pink=love, purple=expensive. Choosing a soft palate makes the mood seem calmer and a bright palate makes it more energetic.

Inspired by Objects
If all else fails, think of an item that you are attracted to. It can be a vase in the corner of your room, a tree outside your house, or even a comforter on your bed. Often people decorate their houses with color schemes they already like even if they don't know it. Above is an example inspired by potted plants.

Monday, September 19, 2011


I believe that every woman should have the perfect wedding dress on her special day. Unfortunately, when we go to pick out that dress, everyone we know has his or her own opinion on what it should look like. My advice is to figure out your personal style and what you want before shopping with friends and family. Here are some guidelines on how to stay true to your personal style when picking your wedding dress.

The classic look is similar to that of Audrey Hepburn. Think timeless, classic, minimal, never out of style, not too trendy. These are the items that can be in your closet for years and still be in fashion.
Silhouette: Strapless Princess cut Ball Gown, and Long Sleek Dresses
Colors: White, Off-White, and Ivory
Fabrics: Lace, Tulle, and Silk
Where to Buy It: JCrew $1,450

The romantic look is full of feminine beauty. Think ruffles, embroidery, lace, bows, and sparkle. This is what the typical bridal gown is, and it is truthfully the easiest to find. Meaning you have many different options.
Silhouette: Ball Gowns, A-line, Sweat Heart Necklines, and Corseted Bodices
Colors: White, Ivory, and Light Pinks
Fabrics: Tulle, Organza, Silk, Satin, Lace, and Chiffon
Where to Buy It: White by Vera Wang $1,200

Trend Setter
This look is one that Lady Gaga has coined. Think “over the top”, trendy, runway looks, and high fashion. This category is the most fun to dress for but keep in mind that you don’t want to look back on wedding photos and say, “What was I thinking.”
Silhouette: Exaggerated Shapes, Large, and Over the Top
Colors: White, Ivory, Grey, and Light Pink. Accent Colors: Blue, Red, and Black
Fabrics: Tulle, Organza, and Dutchess Satin
Where to Buy It: Galina Signature $1,250

The rebel look is for the women who want to make a statement at their wedding. Think unusual, punk, rock and roll, different, and it stands out. This dress is hard to find and you may not even buy from a wedding dress designer.
Silhouette: Short, Corseted Bodice, Full bottom
Colors: Any
Fabrics: Tulle, Leather, and Satin
Where to Buy It: Betsey Johnson $418

This look is for the all natural laid back women who likes to be comfortable. Think loose fit, natural, and easy looks. Wedding dresses in this category are light, flow, and look beautiful in a light breeze.
Silhouette: Empire waist
Color: Ivory, White, Cream, and Beige
Fabrics: Chiffon and Lace
Where to buy: Monique Lhuillier

This category is for all the women who would rather watch a football game then go shopping. Think tom boys, men’s suits, tailoring. It can be hard for a bride to find an androgynous look when fluffy white ball gowns surround them.
Silhouette: A-line, Minimal Seaming, Matching Cropped Jacket
Color: White and Ivory
Fabrics: Satin and Organza
Where to Buy: Style Collection

If sweats, yoga pants, and gym clothes are your thing, then this category is for you. Don’t feel like you have to get all the frills of a typical wedding dress. Go with something fitted and true to the sport look.
Silhouette: Racer Back, Sleek, One Shoulder, and Simple
Color: White, Cream, and Ivory
Fabrics: Silk Jersey, Silk, and Satin
Where to Buy: Fashion Collection