Sunday, May 27, 2012


Here are some common questions about tuxedos...

How soon should we order tuxedos for our wedding?
Reserve them at least 3-4 months before the wedding day. You want the bride to have picked out her dress and chosen a color for the bridesmaids dresses first.

When do the men have to be measured for their tuxedos?
Measurements should be taken no later than 4-6 weeks prior to the wedding.

Who should wear a tuxedo?
Traditionally the Groomsmen, Ushers, Fathers, and Ring Bearer. You may also want to have your grandfathers and any other close family who may be in group photos wear them. That way the close relatives look uniform in the wedding photos.

How do we order tuxedos for the out of town groomsmen?
They should be professionally measured at their local tailor or menswear store. The measurements can then be called in to the store where you are ordering the rest of the tuxedos.

What is the final fitting and when is it?
It is a fitting that is recommended so that they can actually try on the tuxedos. It should take place at least a day or two before the wedding that way any needed adjustments can be taken care of.

Is an appointment necessary?
If all the men plan on going in a group, it is a good idea to make an appointment. If they go in on their own it isn't always necessary.

Friday, May 25, 2012


Before attending a bridal show...
  • Purchase tickets in advance
  • Make a list of products and services you are looking for, and make a budget for each
  • Pre-print labels with your Name, Wedding Date, Address, Email, and Phone Number so that you can sign up for drawings and prizes quickly
  • Create an email account for all wedding correspondences
Day of the bridal show...
  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • Bring the people who are involved in the decision making
  • Bring paper and pen for notes on services and products you are interested in
  • Allow yourself the whole day to explore the show and see all the vendors
  • Look at every booth. Don't miss any opportunities
After the bridal show...
  • Go through all your notes
  • Follow up with vendors you are interested in

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Diet and Exercise
Make sure not to crash diet. These diets can affect how your dress fits, give you headaches, and make you dizzy. Stick to a steady and healthy diet and work out plan for at least a month or two before the wedding.

Feeling Healthy
Treat yourself to a massage or chiropractic treatment the day before or the day of the wedding. This will leave you relaxed and feeling wonderful.

Consider having a cleaning at the dentist the week of your wedding or having your teeth whitened. There will be tons of smiling and photo taking. Also, avoid things like red wine before the big day.

If you plan on getting a facial before the wedding, have one done in advance to make sure your skin reacts well to the treatment. The day before is not the time to try new things.

Contact your salon or hair stylists 4 months before the big day to make sure they have the date free to style your hair. You might also want to schedule an appointment a few days prior if you are having it dyed or cut.

Many brides do their own makeup, but there are an array of great makeup artists who can do your makeup for you so you look like a celebrity all day. Make sure to book them 4 months in advance as well.

Get a mani-pedi either the day before or the morning of the wedding. You will be shaking a lot of hands and everyone is going to want to see your ring.

For the Men
The groom should get a hair cut a day or two before the wedding. If he shaves, he might want to invest in a good shave at the parlor. Men are often getting mani-pedis now as well. That way their hands look well groomed (without the nail polish of course). Eyebrow waxing should be done a week ahead so that there is not irritation.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Using Professionals

You may be considering a wedding planner, cake decorator, caterer, etc. Here are some helpful tips when hiring professional help for your wedding day.

When choosing a professional...
  • Keep the budget and quality of service you want in mind
  • Compare the work of different professionals
  • Choose someone who listens and spends time with their customers
  • Make sure to meet the actual person you will be working with
  • Ask to see samples of their work

When writing a contract...
  • Always write a contract (there will be less misunderstandings)
  • Make a list of details you find important to include
  • Read every line thoroughly
  • Include basics like the date and time of the wedding
  • Include a spending cap
  • Make a detailed refund policy
  • You can make changes later on as long as it is in writing and signed by both parties
  • Always get a copy of all paperwork 

How to best use a Wedding Consultant
  • Ask them advice about budget, decor, etiquette, sites, timelines, vendors, etc.
  • They can coordinate the entire wedding
  • Or they can just help the day of the wedding so you don't have to worry
  • If you are from another state, it is important to have someone local to solidify plans
  • They are there to make your dreams a reality

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Spring 2013 Bridal Trends- Short

Short Bridal Gowns
Nothing is more perfect for spring than a cocktail length wedding dress. With this economy it is also a great way to save some money. Cocktail dresses are a lot cheaper than ball gowns. Check out what the designers showed this season...

Oscar de la Renta

Isaac Mizrahi


Monique Lhuillier


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Spring 2013 Bridal Trends- Back Illusion

Back Illusion
Just like a mullet these dresses are business in the front and party in the back ha ha. Beading and/or embroidery on sheer are in this season!

Badgley Mishka

Lela Rose

Mark Zunino

Reem Acra

Elizabeth Fillmore

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Spring 2013 Bridal Trends- Vintage Inspired

Vintage Inspired
Vintage is always in, but take a look at how the designers showed it this season...

Badgley Mischka

Kenneth Pool

Nicole Miller

Temperley London

Monday, May 7, 2012

Spring 2013 Bridal Trends- Peplum

Not only are peplums showing up in ready-to-wear. They were all over the bridal runway this season. Check out a few looks below from exaggerated to simple.


Angel Sanchez

Carolina Herrera


Mark Zunino

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Spring 2013 Bridal Trends Overview

This season, bridal is taking a lesson from India where red is the obvious color for a wedding dress. Vera Wang and Romona Keveza both showed red looks on the runway.

There's nothing like flowers in the spring. Both Douglas Hannant and Oscar de la Renta showed a range of flowers and colors on the runway.

Casual Chic
Monique Lhuillier and Carolina Herrera both showed some casual looks this season. Out with the traditional ball gown, and in with the simple cocktail dresses and pant suits.

Written by Michelle Della Giovanna, Creative Director of Della Giovanna Bridal

Thursday, May 3, 2012

DIY Backyard Weddings

It seems like there is always a negative reaction when someone says "backyard wedding." Backyard weddings are a great way to save money and don't have to be a negative. I'm not saying to have everyone in t-shirts and shorts with Dad standing at the grill making hotdogs. It is easy to plan a backyard wedding, save money, and still have a beautiful celebration.

First make sure that there is enough room and that the house looks pretty. If your house is not the most attractive, or if you don't have a large yard you can always ask a family member if you can use theirs. Make sure the grounds are maintained before the big day. Set up the tables and chairs the day before and put out all the decorations the morning of.

Written by Michelle Della Giovanna, Creative Director of Della Giovanna Bridal

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Choosing bridesmaids may be extremely simple or extremely hard. I've always had several best friends at a time, and choosing a few who stand out without the others getting upset is a tricky task. Here are some things to consider when choosing...

Consider family first. Are there any sisters or relatives that you are extremely close to. I know that no matter how many friends I have, my sister is always my best friend.

Choose friends that you are close to and trust. Remember that they may be handling important tasks throughout the planning process and during the ceremony. You don't want someone who is often late, makes mistakes easily, or is forgetful.

You should be able to trust your bridesmaids to support you, your fiance, and your marriage. Don't choose anyone who might have a grudge against your future husband.

You don't need to invite every friend. There are a lot of positions in a wedding. Someone needs to man the guestbook, be a personal attendant, reader, man the gift table, etc.

Remember that once you ask, you can't take it back. Don't ask someone who you might wish you hadn't along the way. An invitation to a bridesmaid is permanent.

Make sure that they know all the expected expenses before they commit.

Don't feel like you have to ask someone to be a bridesmaid just because you were one of their bridesmaids.

Most weddings have between two and six bridesmaids. Another way to choose how many is to have one bridesmaid for every fifty guests.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Wedding Invitation Dos and Don'ts

Mail invitations six to eight weeks before the wedding

Mail wedding announcements on the day of the wedding (or soon after)

Spell out names and titles (except Mr., Mrs., Ms., Jr.)

Write out all dates and times in the invitation. The numbers in addresses don't need to be spelled out. Street numbers should be spelled out. Include the state if the city is not well known.

Do not include any information about your gift registry or desire for monetary gifts. Registry information should be passed along through word of mouth, or told to people if they ask. It is acceptable to write "no gifts" or to indicate that a donation can be made to a charity in your honor.

Do not use first names, unless referring to children. Children's names should be listed on a separate line below the parents.

Envelopes should be in black ink. They should be hand written or printed directly on the envelopes by the invitation printer. Do not use mailing labels. Do not abbreviate names or addresses.