Sunday, November 18, 2012

Amazing Floral Arrangements

Large over-the-top floral arrangements make a statement like no other! Not to say that bigger is always better, but these centerpieces know how to make an impression!

You don't have to use a typical vase for a centerpiece. Try using fun planters or even pieces you find at a garage sale. Simply spray paint everything white and it looks like a brand new item that was hand picked for your big day. Plus, no one else will have the same centerpieces you did!

Fill a tall vase with fruit to add a pop of color to the vase. Then, add height with large flowers and extra tall branches.

Oversized martini glasses are great for standing out. They are also great because there is nothing at eye level when you are seated, so your guests can talk to each other without leaning around the centerpiece.

Using a thin vase and large flowers balances out. These are beautiful without being overwhelming!

Go all out with tons of small flowers in the vase and on the table. This has a lush luxurious look that your guests will always remember.

Making trees of flowers is a great idea. Then incorporate beads, pearls, and all sorts of accessories to add some glitz and glamour.

Go traditional by using a tall vase for height and a simple timeless floral arrangement at the top. This arrangement will never go out of style.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Wedding Dress Necklines

There are tons of different necklines offered on wedding dresses. Everything from halters to strapless. Make sure to choose one that is the most flattering for your figure. If you have wide shoulders make sure to stay away from boat necks. If you have a large chest don't wear something too low cut. Here are some examples of different necklines.



Sweetheart with Straps 

One Shoulder

Pointed Sweetheart


High Neck

Spaghetti Strap




V Neck