Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Wedding Trend- Cupcakes

Have your cake and eat it too! Cupcakes are a hot new trend in the bridal world. Each guest gets a perfectly decorated individual serving. These aren't your typical bake sale item. These are high end wedding cupcakes! Take a look.


Wedding Party


Add a top tier to cut into for pictures!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Accessorizing- Gloves

One of the hottest bridal accessories this season are gloves. Lace, satin, short, long... the list goes on and on! 

Lace fingerless are great for a romantic and edgy look.

Mix lace and satin for a feminine touch.

Short lace gloves are sweet and girly.

Sheer gloves add a little something extra without being overwhelming.

Mixing jewelry with gloves gives a luxurious and lush look.

Long satin gloves will make you look and feel like Cinderella.

Add a few pearls or rhinestones to simple gloves to make them a little more dressy.

Gloves that attach around your middle finger give an elegant look and are practical.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Wedding Lingerie

Don't be afraid to choose your wedding lingerie based on your personal style. Make sure you are comfortable on the big day while looking and feeling great!

Bows and lace make for a cute look. If super sexy isn't your thing then don't push it.

There are a number of choices in shape wear. You don't have to look like a granny. Grab a lace shaper for a sexy and practical look.

Who says you have to wear white. Mix it up with a color or go super rebellious and wear black!

Nothing says sexy like some lace and thigh high stockings. 

If you're a more athletic girl then why not go sporty with the lingerie. Add a little frill here and there but keep it simple.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Engagement Photos

Taking great engagement photos requires a few things. One is a great photographer. A lot of wedding photographers may give you a special price on engagement photos when you book them for the wedding. Here are some cute ideas of different photos to consider taking.

Take one admiring the ring.

Remember that you don't have to look like posed super models. Try taking silly photos.

Holding hands makes a great shot.

Looking deep into each others eyes and a great kiss go hand in hand.

Make sure you smile. Don't look serious, angry, or sad in your photos.

Props can be really cute. Try using something that matches your wedding theme or color combo.

The piggy back ride. Everyone should have this photo because it's adorable.

Fake popping the question. Have a picture looking surprised!

Or hire a photographer to be at the actual engagement.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Getting Engaged: Proposal Outline

Getting engaged is an imperative step to getting married. Although it seems like an obvious step some people tend to truly overlook its importance. Make the most of the proposal...after all it's a memory that will last forever.

Types of proposals:

1. Destination Proposal (Paris, Caymans, Rivera Maya): Whether it's a beach in New Jersey or under the Eiffel Tower...a weekend away can make for a romantic getaway that becomes a legendary moment in both of your lives.

2. The Surprise Engagement Party: Parties are a wonderful idea because sometimes not only is the person being proposed to surprised but so are the guests!

3. The Casual Proposal: Although it is in a casual setting (think home or low-key restaurant) make it fun and sweet. 

4. The Homemade Proposal: This is the most thought out and sweetest proposal in my opinion because it comes from what matters most...the heart.