Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Everyone wants their wedding to be "The Best," "The Most Beautiful," "The Coolest," and "The Most Original!" Some really unique things to have at a wedding include...

Chocolate Fondue Fountains
Providing a chocolate fountain can be a fun dessert option. Make sure to provide already diced up fruit and marshmallows plus a handful of skewers.

Ice Sculpture
Ice sculptures make great decorations. Be careful to make sure the room is cool enough and that there is a way for them to drain.

Cigar Bar
A hand rolled cigar bar provides a nice place for the men to gather while all the girls take photos with the bride.

Unique Guest Books
Guest books can be boring and a waste of memories. These guest books are fun and creative. They ask each person how they met the couple, where they traveled from, and ask that they draw a photo of the happy couple. It's good for a laugh and gives the bride and groom something fun to look back on.

Wedding Photo Booth
Renting a photo booth is an awesome way for your friends to have fun at your wedding. Leave a pair of scissors and a comment box on the table next to it. Each group can cut off one photo and slip it into the box. After the wedding you can go through the box and see all the fun photos.