Monday, September 19, 2011


I believe that every woman should have the perfect wedding dress on her special day. Unfortunately, when we go to pick out that dress, everyone we know has his or her own opinion on what it should look like. My advice is to figure out your personal style and what you want before shopping with friends and family. Here are some guidelines on how to stay true to your personal style when picking your wedding dress.

The classic look is similar to that of Audrey Hepburn. Think timeless, classic, minimal, never out of style, not too trendy. These are the items that can be in your closet for years and still be in fashion.
Silhouette: Strapless Princess cut Ball Gown, and Long Sleek Dresses
Colors: White, Off-White, and Ivory
Fabrics: Lace, Tulle, and Silk
Where to Buy It: JCrew $1,450

The romantic look is full of feminine beauty. Think ruffles, embroidery, lace, bows, and sparkle. This is what the typical bridal gown is, and it is truthfully the easiest to find. Meaning you have many different options.
Silhouette: Ball Gowns, A-line, Sweat Heart Necklines, and Corseted Bodices
Colors: White, Ivory, and Light Pinks
Fabrics: Tulle, Organza, Silk, Satin, Lace, and Chiffon
Where to Buy It: White by Vera Wang $1,200

Trend Setter
This look is one that Lady Gaga has coined. Think “over the top”, trendy, runway looks, and high fashion. This category is the most fun to dress for but keep in mind that you don’t want to look back on wedding photos and say, “What was I thinking.”
Silhouette: Exaggerated Shapes, Large, and Over the Top
Colors: White, Ivory, Grey, and Light Pink. Accent Colors: Blue, Red, and Black
Fabrics: Tulle, Organza, and Dutchess Satin
Where to Buy It: Galina Signature $1,250

The rebel look is for the women who want to make a statement at their wedding. Think unusual, punk, rock and roll, different, and it stands out. This dress is hard to find and you may not even buy from a wedding dress designer.
Silhouette: Short, Corseted Bodice, Full bottom
Colors: Any
Fabrics: Tulle, Leather, and Satin
Where to Buy It: Betsey Johnson $418

This look is for the all natural laid back women who likes to be comfortable. Think loose fit, natural, and easy looks. Wedding dresses in this category are light, flow, and look beautiful in a light breeze.
Silhouette: Empire waist
Color: Ivory, White, Cream, and Beige
Fabrics: Chiffon and Lace
Where to buy: Monique Lhuillier

This category is for all the women who would rather watch a football game then go shopping. Think tom boys, men’s suits, tailoring. It can be hard for a bride to find an androgynous look when fluffy white ball gowns surround them.
Silhouette: A-line, Minimal Seaming, Matching Cropped Jacket
Color: White and Ivory
Fabrics: Satin and Organza
Where to Buy: Style Collection

If sweats, yoga pants, and gym clothes are your thing, then this category is for you. Don’t feel like you have to get all the frills of a typical wedding dress. Go with something fitted and true to the sport look.
Silhouette: Racer Back, Sleek, One Shoulder, and Simple
Color: White, Cream, and Ivory
Fabrics: Silk Jersey, Silk, and Satin
Where to Buy: Fashion Collection