Friday, January 20, 2012


For those of you who have tattoos, you may be wondering if you should show off your tattoos or cover them up. I think you should either rock the look and show them off, or you should cover them completely. A lot of this depends on where the tattoo is and the cut of your dress. If your dress covers half of your tattoo then you should cover it up as it may look odd or out of place. If you or the groom have a modest family then it might be best to cover them up as well. If your dress doesn't interfere with your tattoo and it looks nice, then make a statement.

If you choose to cover it up, then check out Kat Von D's Concealer which is sold at Sephora. Wondering if it works? Look at the before and after photo of Kat Von D below.

The choice is yours. Show it off or cover it up.