Sunday, January 15, 2012


Here are some helpful hints for ordering your wedding invitations, brought to you by Ciardullo Printing Inc.

Give your guests a secret number.
When assembling your guest list, give each address a number. Write this number lightly, in pencil, on the back of your response card prior to mailing. If guests forget to write their name on the card, or if you cannot read their writing, you know who is responding

Why do you send a Response Card?
Response cards are a convenient way for your guests to reply and for you to plan properly. They save you money on your reception cost, especially if a meal is being served by allowing you to keep track of an exact head count. If you are offering a meal choice, this can also be indicated on this card. Response cards include a reply envelope printed with your name and address. Do not forget to affix stamps on the reply envelope.

Why is it so important to put your address on the back of the invitation envelope?
Should you have an error on your guest list, the invitation will be returned to you by the post office. Otherwise, you will never know if your invitation arrived.

Check to make sure you are using the correct postage when mailing
Invitations that are over 1 ounce, or square or oversized, require extra postage. You can check what stamps you need by bringing a sample of your invitation to the post office. Also, ask them about their wedding stamps while you are there.

When do I order my invitations and how many do I order?
Be sure to have confirmed details of your ceremony and reception before ordering your invitations. This includes the date, time, and the location(s). You should also have an accurate head count. Order one invitation for each single adult, couple, or family invited. Order 25 extra invitations to be safe. Ordering more later can cost more and waste time.

When do I send out my wedding invitations?
Invitations traditionally are sent 6 to 8 weeks before the wedding. Send Save the Date cards 4 to 6 months before your wedding to notify guests that you are getting married, especially if it is during a holiday weekend or if they need to travel.