Monday, October 17, 2011


The wedding aisle is what sets the mood for the ceremony. It is the first thing anyone at the wedding sees and it is what you will see in all of the ceremony photos.

Beach Wedding Aisle
Create an aisle on the beach by putting tropical plants on both sides. Face the chairs towards the water for a nice view. Create an alter with a small garden trestle covered in exotic plants. Make sure you know when high and low tide are.

Church Wedding Aisle
Weddings inside have many options. Lay out a runner on the floor to create a look that matches your color palette. Make sure it is a non-slip runner. Add draped fabric and floral arrangements to the pews that match your centerpieces at the reception.

Indoor Venue Wedding Aisle
At an indoor venue it is easy to dress up your surroundings. Large over the top floral arrangements can make quite the statement. Just make sure they don't block anyone's view.

Outdoor Venue Wedding Aisle
Outdoor venues require a little more work to set the mood. Sprinkling rose petals on either side of the aisle is beautiful and adding lanterns to the aisle can set the tone.

Pathway Wedding Aisle
If your wedding aisle consists of a brick or stone pathway, don't be afraid to dress it up. Use little candle treatments on each side for a sophisticated and expensive look even though they won't cost too much.

Woods Wedding Aisle
If you are getting married out in nature, then feel free to create your own whimsical aisle. This may not be the most practical aisle but it sure is the prettiest. Be sure to lay out the petals last minute and that no one walks down it before you do. Add more for a denser look.