Friday, October 14, 2011


Short Hair- Down
If you have short hair, you can wear it down with a flower or pretty hair band. Veils can be overwhelming with short hair and take away from your face.

Short Hair- Up Do
For those who have short hair and want to have an up do, go with something simple and sweet. Loose romantic curls are great for short hair. Stay clear of tight curls or you will look like Shirley Temple. Straightening hair and keeping a clean finished look is another great option.

Shoulder Length- Down
If you have shoulder length hair try a light wave or loose curls. You can match this with a veil, fancy hair clips, or a small tiara.

Shoulder Length- Up Do
When pulling up shoulder length hair, loosely curl the hair and use bobby pins to tuck the curls into each other. The loose curls give a full look and the appearance of longer hair.

Long Hair- Down
With long hair, you can be as simple or complicated as you want. Go for a simple wave for a pleasant natural look. A great way to wear your hair down without having it in your face is to pull back the top pieces. Curl the bottom with a large curling iron and use a loose hairspray so it does not look to stiff.

Long Hair- Up Do
For a chic smooth look, straighten the top and pull it into a ponytail. Then, use a large round brush and blow dryer to shape the bottom. Wrap it into a clean bun. Add a flower or hairpiece to make a statement.

Extra Long Hair- Down
For a simple natural look, curl your hair with a large curling iron. Shake out the hair to loosen the curls and use a light hairspray. Pull a few pieces back to add volume to the top of the hair.

Extra Long Hair- Up Do
Try a loose braid for a high fashion look. Braiding in ribbon or flowers adds a sophisticated and expensive feeling.