Monday, October 3, 2011


The Rose
The Rose is considered one of the most romantic flowers. They come in more than three thousand different varieties with many different color options. Most are available year round and are affordable.

The Tulip
Tulips grow in a wide range of colors. They are generally affordable with the exception of rare breeds. The flower represents “happy years” and “consuming love.”

Calla Lily
What I would consider the most elegant of flowers is the Calla Lilly. It’s most popular color is cream but it does come in other colors as well. Two sizes are available (large and small). The flower symbolizes “magnificent beauty.”

Lily of the Valley
Also called “the ladder to heaven,” this flower comes with an expensive price tag. The flower has an amazing fragrance and is available year round. They were recently seen in Kate Middleton’s bouquet at the royal wedding.

The hydrangea is the choice of those wishing to save some money. This flower is bushy and inexpensive which makes it a great space filler of bouquets. It comes in a range of colors and has no scent.

The Peony
The peony is available during the spring and summer. It has a strong scent and bright color, but is not the most affordable.

The ranunculus is a great alternative to roses and peonies for a fraction of the cost. This flower has a mild scent, and comes in a variety of colors.

The stephanotis is a great choice for weddings since it symbolizes “marital happiness.” This flower has a mild scent and is available year round. It is the most traditional flower to be used in a wedding and is moderately priced.

Sweet Peas
The sweet pea represents "lasting pleasure." It contains a candy-like scent, comes in many colors, and is an old-fashion favorite for brides.

The Gardenia
The gardenia is an expensive and delicate flower. It has a strong luscious scent. The blossoms are around three to four inches wide. They also come in a smaller size, which is good for corsages.