Monday, October 24, 2011


Always a bridesmaid? That's ok. You get to celebrate and have all the fun without paying for the whole wedding. Yes, you get stuck with a dress you will never wear again, but hey who doesn't love to play dress up once in awhile? Here are some great tips for bridesmaid hairstyles.

Simple Up Do
The simple up do is my favorite. It looks great for the bridesmaids. It doesn't "out do" the bride. It looks great in photos with out pulling attention away from the bride as well.

Messy Up Do
This is a great "I didn't try too hard" look. It still looks fantastic, but often the bride wants her hair to have every strand perfectly placed. This messy up do still looks beautiful but also makes the bride look just a little more perfect without taking away from the bridesmaids.

Curly Up Do
This is a personal favorite. It looks pretty, keeps the hair out of your face, holds its shape, and looks great in photos. I'm partial to the up do because I feel it looks gorgeous on and does not take away from the bride.

Braided Hairstyles
The braided hairstyle is great for a more "relaxed" wedding. It looks stunning but also kind of natural. This is great for beach, garden, and spring/summer weddings. It's sweet and romantic and perfect for the easy going bridal party.

Simple Long Hairstyle
The half up hairstyle is great for all occasions. Its pretty and simple, and a great money saver as well. If you don't plan on going to a salon, this is easy to do at home. This sleek look, goes great with any dress and is a classic way to wear your hair.

Curly Hairstyles
This is the most common among bridesmaids. Be sure to pull the top pieces back so that they aren't in your face. Also, please do not make super tight ringlets in your hair and hairspray them to death. Curl the hair and then loosen the curls with your fingers. Then hairspray it. It looks beautiful and natural and keeps your hair from looking like plastic in photos.