Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Wedding Makeup: Eyes

The bride always wants to shine in every way on her wedding day. To create the perfect look use three shades of shadow that will shape the eye: highlight, midtone, and contour.

How to:

1. Highlight Shade
Apply a sparkly shade to the brow bone and lid. Make sure to also highlight the "V" on the inside corner of the eye.

2. Midtone Shade
Starting from the outside corner of the crease, with a soft matte tone, sweep the color across the inner corner of the eye and along the lower lashline (fading as you go inward) to create some subtle definition. 

3. Contour Shade
Sweep this matte shadow over the midtone shade along the upper (and lower) lashline and into the crease. 

Color Selection:

Classic Beauty
Soft pink and deep plum are light and fresh; plus, this combination looks great on almost all skin tones.

Glowing Glamour
Pale gold and deep matte brown eye shadows create a rather radiant look. Together, these shades warm the complexation and enhance eyes.

Drama Queen
Give off an edgier vibe with a silver metallic (look for one that doesn't have extra glitter) and rich black shadow combination. They'll create smoldering, dramatic, smoky eyes.