Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Something Borrowed

The tradition says that a bride must wear something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue! "Something borrowed" could be a family heirloom or a significant piece from a friend. The "something borrowed" is supposed to come from a happily married woman with the hope that your marriage will enjoy the same success. Choose the person from whom you'll borrow your item carefully, as it is quite an honor to bestow.


1. Wedding dress: Not only could this be a cost-effective option but a meaningful one.

2. VeilBorrowing a veil allows you to wear the item in a very visible way during the ceremony but still allows you to buy the perfect dress for your personal style and body type.

3. Jewelry: Consider borrowing a piece of jewelry to compliment your dress. 

4. LocationDon't feel compelled to borrow something that can be worn. Consider borrowing a location for the wedding or the wedding reception from someone you know. If a family member has a lake house or beach house that you think would make a perfect setting, feel free to ask if this can be your "something borrowed." It will cut down on expenses as well.

5. Reception Dress: If a friend or family member has a beautiful dress you have always wanted to borrow, the reception could be an ideal time to wear it.

6. Vows and Readings: The thing you borrow does not need to be a tangible item.