Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Something most brides don't think of is the right to use your own wedding photographs. When you hire a photographer, they own all the rights to the photo's that they take on your wedding day. This means that they can charge you to use them, or if you use them without permission they can send you a cease and desist letter forcing you to stop using the photos.

The best way to handle the situation is to be clear from the beginning that you want to own all the rights to the photos taken on your wedding day. Have your photographer sign an agreement similar to the one below before paying them in order to insure that you have the rights to use the photographs as you like.

Copyright Release Form for Photographs

To: (User)
From: (Photographer)
Regarding: All photographs/video taken at (User's) wedding on (date of wedding).

By receipt of this letter
(Photographer) owner of (Business name), a professional photography studio, grants permission to reproduce all photographs/video taken on (date) at the (User last name) wedding. Giving (User) the full rights to use these photographs.

Purpose for photograph reproduction includes use in, but not limited to:
Social Media
Newspaper/ Magazine

Signed: (Photographer)
Date: (date)