Saturday, February 11, 2012


Choosing a bouquet can be a lot of fun. Start by choosing the color or theme of the wedding. Then pick corresponding flowers and a shape. Florists have tons of options to choose from and can show you books of past arrangements they have done.

Think outside of the box. You can have a cascading effect for an original bouquet.

Use several different flowers and sizes to create a luscious and full bouquet.

Add sprigs of green so that your bouquet doesn't fall flat or blend in with your dress too much.

Use one kind of flower for a simple bouquet.

Use complimentary colors to make a gorgeous bouquet. Complimentary colors can be found next to each other on the color wheel.

Making a monochromatic bouquet creates subtle beauty. Use all different shades of one color for an elegant look.

Mix textures to make a pleasing look for the eyes. Use a variety of flowers, shapes, and colors to amp up your bouquet.

Written by Michelle Della Giovanna, Creative Director of Della Giovanna Bridal