Thursday, October 4, 2012

Getting Engaged: Proposal Outline

Getting engaged is an imperative step to getting married. Although it seems like an obvious step some people tend to truly overlook its importance. Make the most of the proposal...after all it's a memory that will last forever.

Types of proposals:

1. Destination Proposal (Paris, Caymans, Rivera Maya): Whether it's a beach in New Jersey or under the Eiffel Tower...a weekend away can make for a romantic getaway that becomes a legendary moment in both of your lives.

2. The Surprise Engagement Party: Parties are a wonderful idea because sometimes not only is the person being proposed to surprised but so are the guests!

3. The Casual Proposal: Although it is in a casual setting (think home or low-key restaurant) make it fun and sweet. 

4. The Homemade Proposal: This is the most thought out and sweetest proposal in my opinion because it comes from what matters most...the heart.