Friday, April 6, 2012


If you have been to a few weddings you probably have a draw full of wedding favors. Items like small picture frames, candles, name card holders, etc. Although these are great ideas for a wedding, and I'm sure the bride and groom put a lot of effort into it, they often become knickknacks to the guests. I personally love the idea of wedding favors that you can use or better... eat.

Chocolate is probably the most used edible favor and for good reason. Who doesn't like chocolate? Be careful not to choose something with common allergies like nuts. Great ideas for favors include packaged truffles, brownie bites, candy covered chocolates, chocolate covered strawberries, etc. Make sure you have some place to refrigerate them. This is not a great favor if you are having a summer wedding or outdoor wedding since they might melt.

You can fill a jar with anything. Great ideas include honey, jam, jelly, olives, herbs, sea salt, berries, tea, etc. These look so cute and are sure to be used in the kitchen!

Ideas for cookies include professionally iced cookies, fortune cookies (with customized fortunes inside), home made cookies, etc. Butter cookies are the easiest to cut into different shapes because they are pretty sturdy.

This is great for someone doing a DIY wedding or someone on a budget. You can buy things in bulk and split it up into smaller "make-your-own" favors. Great ideas for this include hot chocolate mix, cupcake mix, drink mix, cookie mix, tea, etc.

Candies have become very popular at weddings lately. You can give out small packets of candy wrapped in fabric or in a box, or you can offer a candy bar. Have an array of candies on display, which match your theme or color. Provide small containers for each guest to fill up, and allow your guests to pick and choose what they want.

You can offer fruit as a favor. If you are extremely healthy and into organic items, you can provide a apple, pear, etc. If you have a sweet tooth you can make candy apples, chocolate covered apples, chocolate covered strawberries, etc.

Cupcakes placed in small boxes are a great snack "to go." However, these don't last as long. You might use cupcakes instead of a wedding cake. Packaging them makes it easy to pass out and easy to travel with. 

Bottle up your favorite things. Great ideas include hot sauce, barbecue sauce, chocolate sauce, maple syrup, champagne, olive oil, etc. You can choose this to match your theme, the time of year, or your color story.