Saturday, April 14, 2012


Here is a list of things you must bring with you in order to get a marriage license. Please check within your state since each state is different. Some require blood tests, etc. Here is a pretty common list...

Your soon to be spouse- You must apply in person at the same time.
Proof of residence- Driver's license, lease, utility bill, etc.
2 Forms of Photo ID- Passport, License, etc.
Social Security Card
Certified copy of birth certificate
Location and date of marriage
Officiant's name, address, and phone number
Names for both parents- Including middle names and maiden names

If you don't speak English- A third party to interpret
If under 18- Signed consent from parent or guardian
If previously married- Copy of judgement of divorce, annulment, or death certificate

Note: Call ahead to ask how long a marriage license lasts. It is different in different states. Make sure to plan it so that your wedding is before the expiration date.