Friday, December 7, 2012

Great Color Combos

Picking the right color scheme is crucial! Once you have the colors, you can choose everything else from the flowers to the bridesmaids dresses. It all revolves around the color. Here are some beautiful color combos!

Contrasting Colors
Contrasting colors are found opposite each other on the color wheel. To create an even cooler effect choose one in a dark shade and the other in a light shade like this plum and lime green.

Two Complimentary Colors
Complimentary colors that are found next to each other on the color wheel compliment each other perfectly. Using two keeps the color scheme simple and sweet.

Three Complimentary Colors
Complimentary colors can be found next to each other in the rainbow. Using red, yellow, and green makes for a beautiful choice. It gives the effect of a rainbow without being cheesy.

Favorite Colors
If you have a favorite color, why not use it on the big day? Love pink and purple? Go crazy!

Colors with Meaning
Use colors that have specific meanings. The colors above could mean a few things. Pink and red are often associated with love and romance. Green is often associated with growth, life, and money. Romance, growth, and money sounds like the perfect way to start a marriage.

Calming Colors
Set the mood for the day by choosing different shades. Choosing pastels or light tones can create a nice calming effect.

Exciting Colors
If you are an outgoing couple choose bright fun colors to get people excited. Think of summertime colors to really pump up the volume.

Monochromatic Colors
Choose different shades of one color like red. Mix and match all different reds, raspberries, pinks, magentas, etc. This keeps the color scheme simple without it falling flat.

Seasonal Colors
Colors based on the season are perfect. That does not mean you need to use red, orange, and yellow for fall. Choose a flower that is common for the season and run with it. Check out this beautiful yellow and blue which reminds me of sunflower fields.