Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Best International Beach Wedding Spots

If staying in the United States for a wedding does not appeal to you , try abroad. The flavor of the culture adds spice and variety to any wedding!

**In many countries it is not possible due to marriage rules requiring marriage only in specific places such as municipal town halls, in Churches, or in other religious buildings. But there are still many locations where a beach wedding-usually a civil marriage- is possible!

A wedding in Cannes sounds posh, and indeed it is. This small beach resort town is known for its luxury and class. Located on the southernmost tip of France, it is the destination for many people who want a truly unique and different wedding. The sandy beaches located here on the Cote d'Azur make it an ideal place for a beach wedding and reception!

There are many locations to get married in this country. Most couples coming to marry in Mexico choose one of Mexico's Caribbean resorts or Pacific locations. Mexico is a vast country and you can have a destination wedding in any beach town you want, but most couples want an all-inclusive resort; saving money for them and guests. Mexico's beach weddings are popular and fantastic. Top spots include Cancun, Acapulco, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, and Cozumel.

The two most popular spots to wed include the Amalfi Coast and Cyprus. On the Amalfi Coast beach weddings are spectacular overlooking the Mediterranean. In Cyprus you can marry in the hotel gardens right next to the Mediterranean (and many pictures can be taken by the beach!). 

The perfect beach wedding! Your blessing ceremony can be held at a beach or an all inclusive resort hotel. Aruba is outside the hurricane belt plus it has no rainy season (bonus), hence you are guaranteed a fabulous beach wedding day!

World class resorts await you in Jamaica. Many resorts here provide full wedding services, usually in a beautiful location such as on a private beach! 

Bahamas weddings can be done in various locations none more popular than their pink sandy beaches. The weddings can be facilitated through hotel or resort accommodations creating a beautiful, luxurious, and relaxing wedding day.  If you dare it is even possible to get married underwater in the Bahamas.

British Virgin Islands
If intimacy is what you crave....this is the location. More than forty islands, rocks, and quays make up the beautiful British Virgin Islands. Venture and have your wedding on the soft beaches amongst a beautiful sunset.  

Bondi Beach, Australia
Weddings on the world's most infamous beach is fun, popular, but above all spectacular. 


jean said...

Beach wedding in Cancun, Mexico sounds great but I think getting married in the pristine beaches of Aruba is more wonderful since you are guaranteed to have a perfect weather!:)The flavor of the culture of a country can also add spice and variety to the bride's wedding supplies. Who knows you might find cheap wedding favors too in other countries!;)