Monday, May 21, 2012

Using Professionals

You may be considering a wedding planner, cake decorator, caterer, etc. Here are some helpful tips when hiring professional help for your wedding day.

When choosing a professional...
  • Keep the budget and quality of service you want in mind
  • Compare the work of different professionals
  • Choose someone who listens and spends time with their customers
  • Make sure to meet the actual person you will be working with
  • Ask to see samples of their work

When writing a contract...
  • Always write a contract (there will be less misunderstandings)
  • Make a list of details you find important to include
  • Read every line thoroughly
  • Include basics like the date and time of the wedding
  • Include a spending cap
  • Make a detailed refund policy
  • You can make changes later on as long as it is in writing and signed by both parties
  • Always get a copy of all paperwork 

How to best use a Wedding Consultant
  • Ask them advice about budget, decor, etiquette, sites, timelines, vendors, etc.
  • They can coordinate the entire wedding
  • Or they can just help the day of the wedding so you don't have to worry
  • If you are from another state, it is important to have someone local to solidify plans
  • They are there to make your dreams a reality