Sunday, March 18, 2012


The first dance can be romantic, creative, or hilarious depending on the couple. Many couples take dance lessons, which I highly recommend. What kind of dance will define you as a couple? Here are some video links to see what kind of dance you want.

The Waltz is a very romantic dance. This is also the most traditional of wedding dances. It always reminds me of the dance in Beauty and the Beasts. This is great for traditional couples, hopeless romantics, and people who are not supper coordinated. It's fairly easy to learn and is a very basic dance.

The Tango is a intense and sexier song. It can make a fantastic first dance for a couple who wants to show off their moves on the dance floor. I don't recommend this dance to people without coordination (unless you plan on taking a few lessons) as it is a very precise dance. This is a great dance for a serious, sexy, or aggressive couple.

This one is my personal favorite. It's taken from a show called Rock the Reception. Basically the bride and groom learn an unorthodox choreographed dance for the reception. This dance gets rudely interrupted by the waitstaff who happens to be part of the show. If you are ready to surprise your guests and be extremely silly, then this is perfect.

Hip Hop
Doing a dance like hip hop is really fun. I love this couple because they start with a traditional dance, which I'm sure made mom and dad happy, and then they went into their own dance. It's also great that they included the kids. Hip hop is a great choice for fun, silly, and upbeat couples who know how to have a good time. This is also great for making people laugh.

Swing is great for an upbeat, fun, and adventurous couple. This dance is fast moving and requires a bit of practice but is totally worth it. This is great for couples who have some time to practice, can remember steps, and who know how to have fun.

The foxtrot is a great alternative to the waltz. It's easy to learn and great for beginners. It involves making long fluid movements across the dance floor. This is great for traditional couples, beginning dancers, and those who want a timeless first dance.

Country Line Dance
For all the country lovers out there, why not do a first dance line dance. These are repetitive steps that are fairly easy to learn. This is great for weddings in the country or that have a country theme. This is an original way to have your first dance remembered.

For those who have all the time in the world to practice, or just happen to be professional dancers, then salsa is a great choice. This sultry dance will impress all of your guests. This is not good for beginners or those who are not flexible, but if you can pull this off then I'm sure your guests will remember it forever.