Saturday, December 10, 2011


The Invitations
"The invitations are one of my favorite details from the wedding because they were completely DIY. I used scrapbook paper for everything, and ribbon to tie them. I used the same paper for the ceremony program so it tied together my theme." -The Bride

The Bouquet
Helpful Tip from the Bride: Make sure to get a copyright release from the photographer so that you own the rights to your wedding photos and can use them however you like.

The Bride and Groom
Great photography is a must on the big day. Make sure to take the time to get those perfect shots like the one seen above.

The Bridesmaids
Choosing full length bridesmaids dresses is a smart choice when the bride has on an elaborate or full skirted gown. These dresses compliment each other perfectly.

The Groomsmen

The Guest Book
"Instead of a guestbook, I left a piece of scrapbook paper for the guests at each table to sign, and left a spot for a picture. After the wedding, I inserted a picture of the guests at that table and put the pages into a scrapbook I made. It's wonderful to be able to look back at the pictures of my guests and all of their comments right besides their picture." - The Bride

The Reception
Make sure to keep your theme in mind when choosing the venue. This venue is truly sophisticated and elegant which flows with the rest of the wedding.

The Cake

The Favors
"I also made the favors. I melted chocolate and put it into mini muffin cups. I put a caramel candy in the middle of each one.Then I wrapped them in tulle circles, tied it with a ribbon, and printed the tags with nice card stock." -The Bride

Photography by Myle's Studio Photography